April 27, 2009

MYO Kids Pantry Toys- Tutorial

MYO= Make Your Own

My kids LOVE the kitchen. They love to cook, play with boxes and cans of food, help set the table and clean up. Sometimes I can't get them out of the kitchen!

For now though, it seems to be more difficult to accomplish what I need to with all 3 of them present. Luckily, we have a play kitchen for them, and instead of buying the toy food stuff they have at stores, which is usually all junk food that we don't eat anyways, I recycle some of out stuff to toys for them. Here's how:

You'll need:
-box to turn into toy
-plastic grocery bags
-clear packaging tape
First, stuff the box with grocery bags until it is as firm as you would like. Before I had my boys, I put less into each box, but the boys like to step on the boxes. So, to make them last a little longer, I stuff them pretty full now.
Next, get a small piece of tap just to close the top of the box.

Then, I put the tape first on the top and bottom, making sure to go about an inch down the sides. Then I start at the top of bottom, and wrap the tape all the way around the box, trying to stay level, and overlap about an inch. Cut the tape, and move up/down the box. You will essentially be making stripes of tape all the way up the box that overlap about 1/4 inch.
The last step I like to do is: hold the scissors like when you are walking, on the blades with them closed, and use the handle to rub the tape in well. There is usually a white looking film between the tape and whatever you put it on, but it will disappear as you rub it with the scissors. Don't worry if your tape didn't cover every single part of the box, it's not going to last forever, and your kids will probably grow out of the toy kitchen too.

And, when you're all done with the box, just cut it open, take out the bags, and RECYCLE all of it!

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