September 9, 2011

The Fifth, and Final

Today I had my first appointment, and it's official (even got pictures to prove it) : I'm pregnant!
(sorry it's very fuzzy, it's a picture of a picture)

{I know, you guys totally wanted to see my insides. funny funny.}

I sure hope so, with all the morning sickness I've been having. Never have I been this sick! I've been hoping that the doctor tells me there is only one baby, and there is only one! (twins are in my family)

Every pregnancy is different to an extent, however, the emotions and nausea with this one are crazy. Of course I am very happy and blessed to have another baby, but this one is proving to be much more challenging than the others (at least for now).

I guess this explains, a little, why I've been such a bloggy slacker lately. I have however been cranking away on Pinterest, it's just so addicting and almost mindless, lately that's been quite nice.

Am I crazy to be having my 5th child, I think so. Crazy in love with my kids and the thought of having another! 

Thinking about some things I want to make during this pregnancy has been really fun. There are tons of really cute patterns out there for just about anything and everything baby!

Annabel's Blanket

Baby Mary Jane Skimmers (if it's a girl)
Helena Sweater (for my 2 yr old)

Organized To-Go Bags
Flat Front Pants
Re-purposed Baby Pants (can you imagine these in cute boy/unisex stripes??)
Baby Food Lid Game

There are even sites with clothes altering ideas for maternity wear, google it for even more.

DIY Maternity

Click Here

One thing that has been quite nice is all the nesting that is kicking in already. I haven't been feeling well enough to really tackle what I want to, but the urge is there already! Must be something to do with how this is #5 and I know how quickly things will be over and another little one will be here to snuggle, love, clean up after, and adjust to. Just hoping I get it all done!

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  1. Oh oh oh! A huge congratulations. :) What exciting news.


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