September 20, 2011

My Monday Accomplishment

On Sunday the kids and I decided it was time to pick our green beans.

Between the hot hot summer we had, all the severe thunderstorms, and that hurricane Irene back to back our little gardens didn't do so great this year. Our pepper plant bit the dust, our tomatoes got broken and knocked over, and our sugar snap peas didn't even make it through the heat, poor things shriveled up in the heat.

However, we were thankful to pick our beans. I was able to get them canned on Monday. Please remind me to do beans on the weekend next time so I can get the big kids to help with the snapping, nothing like snapping peas for over an hour.

I've decided that you definitely know you're a blogger when you find yourself taking pictures like these:

9 Pints!

In case you're wondering, I do prefer the wide mouth jars to the regular. They are much easier to pack and easier to remove bubbles & measure head space. On another note, I used Kosher salt this go round. Can't wait to see if there's a difference.

This is exactly why I love gardening! I get to preserve my own food for my family. 

And yes, this was an accomplishment for this week. Been feeling pretty under the weather lately, and praying that it ends with this trimester!

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