September 15, 2011

I Got Spoiled This Year!

Being the Mom usually means that you sacrifice everything and anything for your family. It's definitely a willing sacrifice, but a sacrifice none the less. And this year's birthday was surprisingly far from that!!

My birthday is this week, and my family celebrated this past Saturday. It was nice to have a party that was for our youngest son and me! We got most of the family together, which is all I really think is important for having a successful birthday party.

Some of out awesome friends lent us a 10 foot inflated water slide so we could burn some of the kids energy, and of course they all loved it!

Ok, so lets get to the goods!

This is what I got for my Birthday!!

Nikon D3000 - Source

How awesome is that?!?! I have been wanting a camera like this for about... uh... 4 years or so. And, I'm no photographer, so this is a fantastic entrance into 'fancy camera' territory!

I also got this amazing lens:

Tamron AF 70-300mm - Source

And a pack of filters. The only thing that I didn't get was the memory card (no one realized it did come with the camera). haha. So, I'll be ordering one on (best prices I've found) and then I get to play with my new toy, oh I mean camera.

Sooo excited!!!

If anyone knows of any good photography how-to info online, or any awesome tips/tricks please pass them along!!

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