September 7, 2011

September 'To-Do' List

It is quite amazing how much can be accomplished when the big kids are off to school.

I can say that I am much much closer to crossing a few things of my UFO list. The first one to get knocked off will be my first quilt. Yes, it is a pre-blog project, and I can't find any pictures of it, but I got the top finished last week. I kept it all set up the same way I had originally planned it. I am planning to use the blue variegated thread I have, I'm thinking it will really pop (and I want that this time, lol - remember My First King incident??)

Either way, I have a few things on my 'list' for this month:

- Pin and start quilting both My First Quilt and Mom's Pink n Green Quilt
- Fruity CAL with PlanetJune (how bout them apples??)
- Make new curtains for dining room (and hang...)
- Hang the other white curtains in the living room
- Make some flat front pants for my boys, check out Dana's tutorial it's a great guide!
- Pajama Dress for my daughter's birthday
- Finalize and start prepping for Christmas presents!!

Needless to say, I am a list maker. LOVE LISTS!!

On another note, I have been cranking away on my Grandmother's Bobble Square blanket. It's coming along quite well, and I'm loving how it looks! I'm planning to finish it up soon and take lots of photos!

Another thing from my UFO list that I've been working on is repairing clothes and making patterns from others. That basket is slowly but surely emptying! WooHoo!

How is your back to school to-do list coming along?

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