September 22, 2011

Staying Committed

to finishing this blanket:

It is the beautiful, awesome project that my Grandma gave to me upon my last visit.

I love my Grandma and have so many fond memories of spending summers and Thanksgivings with her. Watching her bake, cook, can, garden, crochet, and everything else was simply fantastic. I pray that I can be that kind of grandmother to my grandkids (and that kind of relief to my children in the summertime).

She would teach me to do everything and anything she knew how to do, and it was amazing.

(I'm trying not to cry right now - by the way- and I'm hoping it's just as much the hormones as it is the memories)

-Back to the blanket-
I'm just about done!! Only 7 more blocks to make, and only 3 rows to sew onto the sides. I'm so excited to have a blanket that both my Grandma and I worked on. It also feels nice making something that I know my family will be enjoying. I don't think there is a single quilt that I have made that we have kept.

Also looking forward to finishing things up so I can wrap my head around typing out the pattern (and it making sense).

Maybe I have issues with giving things away to other people that I think would need it more than us. I'm a sucker for charity!

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