July 7, 2010

Part 2: Along For The Project-My First King

This is what my progress looks like while trying to entertain the big kids on Sunday:

I have decided to commit all of my crafting time to this quilt, it needs to be finished. I am the queen of unfinished projects that just linger... yea.

Starting from where we left off before, I am not going to send this quilt to a long-arm quilter, since it will be about $200 to have it done. Apparently I need to be in the long-arm quilting business...

Back to the whole sashing issue as well, I am still not sure what I want to do. I bought some yellow, dark blue, and darker green to play around with. My only issue is that they are "new" prints, meaning they aren't in any of the blocks.

So, I was originally thinking about bordering each block with a 2 inch sashing, alternating between the blue and yellow to make almost a checkerboard effect. Then I didn't like that so much. Now, I'm thinking of making somewhat of a cross in the corners of the blocks, using an angle to join them mid-block instead of a straight seam. This way, I could use the yellow, blue, and green I bought, and even throw in some gold or other colors too. I'm really liking this idea...

Yesterday, I laid out all of my blocks and played with them until I had it all the way I liked. The middle block is missing, I know, haven't gotten there yet. I'm planning on doing applique of the bride and groom's names with a heart or two. Here's how it looks:

With each of the blocks that are not symmetrical, I tried to have them be different orientations within the quilt, the only one I didn't do it with was the bow tie block.

Oh, a little trick to keep your blocks the way you want them when you stack em up: start from one side and pick up the first block, lay it on the next one, then pick both of them up, put them on the next one, and so forth until you just have one pile for the row. Do this with each row, you will now have a column of piles. At this point, I like to use pins to mark which # row it is from the top. The top row gets one pin, the second row gets two, etc. Then I just stack them up with #1 on the top, #2 under that, etc. Now you have a pile of blocks, and you know where you want them!

I'm really hoping to get this quilt done soon, I have a baptism dress to make (LOVE this baptism dress), a bathing suit cover-up for the baby, some pjs, and lots more Christmas gifts... oh the list is even longer I think...

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  1. Those blocks are gorgeous! That is going to be a beautiful quilt. Happy Anniversary as well!


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