July 31, 2010

Part 5: Along for the Project - My First King

I felt like I was making great progress, then I started the quilting.

You see, the kids and I cleaned the playroom in the basement, vacuumed and all. Now I had a place to pin the quilt layers together.


Next, I make sure I have at least 5 bobbins loaded up, and I'm ready to roar on this thing. I made sure that I finished all the smaller projects to clear off my sewing table. Lets rock.

This is what is looks like to machine quilt a King at home, with just a regular sewing machine... Only half of it made it into the photo. Feels like madness. haha (in my best pirate-y chuckle)

Now, I've quilted enough of the quilt to use up 2 bobbins, and now I'm second guessing my thread color choice.

I really want to pull it all out and switch to white. I feel like the variegated blue is just taking over, not that I think the blocks need to really stand out, but I feel kinda like they're getting lost. And, the back was just white with 2 stripes of the scraps towards the edges, and I am just not liking it with such dark thread.

Err, decisions decisions.

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