July 30, 2010


I got a little sidetracked lately...

To top if off, I didn't even stick to my commitment to finish the King (dun dun dun) before starting any more projects. But, the One Million Pillowcase Challenge was just too good to pass up. So, I busted out some of my ugly-er fabrics that I had lots of thanks to some old 3 lb. assortments I ordered from Fabric.com (there's something really exciting to me not knowing what fabric I will get), and away I went.

I mad 8 pillowcases, 4 were finished and 4 were mostly finished at the last Girl's Night I went to at Chicks N Stitches.

It felt really nice to hand Edna a stack of pillowcases, and I was adamant to make 4 girly and 4 boyish ones. She was surprised to get so many boy ones, now I feel like I should make more... so addicting.

Check it out:

I donated to the One Million Pillowcase Challenge. Make a pillowcase, made a difference. Join quilters from around the nation today by making a pillowcase and odonating it to charity. Click here to learn more.

Not only was this a good enough reason to be sidetracked, by the Delaware State Fair is up a roaring! I just love cotton candy, and all the other yummy carnival food.

Unfortunately, I didn't find a fried pickle, but I did try some fried oreos, not as great as I expected. I truly was a little disappointed, I mean, something as great as an oreo should be even better after being fried, not so much.

To top off the week, when I went out to water my garden yesterday morning, this is what I found:

I'm so very excited!!

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