July 20, 2010

Part 4: Along for the Project- My First King

Yesterday morning, I was sewing along (3:30am when I started). Double checking my organization and photo to make sure that I was putting all my blocks where I wanted them and in the right orientation. Check and check.

Everything was in the right place, just not where I expected it to be.

 (That's like a whole inch off...)

Now, mind you, when sewing a KING there are about 120 inches of error that can be incorporated into this in either direction.

Lesson learned: pin vertical strips to match in the middle, that way they'll only be off by a little bit on both ends. That is, unless you are anal (I am) and feel the urge to take apart the WHOLE THING and get it to be exact. I am going to fight the urge on this one just because I don't want to do all that work again... I know, I'm horrible, and may just be embarrassed to give it now, errr.

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