July 22, 2010

We Make A Mean Team

My husband, Wes, and I that is.

I feel like all I'm blogging about is my King I'm working on, so here's a little more about something else....

My husband and I bought our first home this last September, and we have been steadily working on it (bathroom and flooring-you can see the floor unfinished in this photo...).

I was so excited to get a yard and be able to have my first garden. So, last fall I built a raised bed about 2 feet high, I know a little much, but I have 4 kids 7yrs and under. The middle two kids are boys, and I just know they would accidentally trample it if it weren't obnoxiously obvious. I love it. I think my green beans are mocking me, each time there are some to pick it's only about 5. And, then there's me standing by my garden wondering what to do with only 5 green beans... I've thrown them in a few things. The tomatoes are going to be coming on soon with lots and lots, hopefully I planted enough Romas that I can can a bunch. Got a few zuchs and see more coming, looking forward to some muffins, mmm,

Oh, don't let me forget one of the most awesome projects that the hubs has done. Now, I love my husband, and I think he's extremely talented, and I think the dilemma is that he is just like me in this aspect: he had like 4 or more unfinished projects (I have tons more (like 20-30 at least), but mine don't stick out on a day to day basis...).

Sorry, back to his project. Wes built these racks for storing firewood, see:

And, he managed to find tons, at least 2 1/2 cords, of FREE wood to fill them. Now, it's he just amazing?! Last year we went through quite a bit of wood trying to offset the cost of our oil. But with the original single pain windows that are from when the house was built in 1977, I'm not sure if anything we try to do will really help. Fun times. Bring on the down comforters!

Each morning, when I look out of our back door, I have a sense of accomplishment. Outdoor projects have a good way of doing that since your results are both immediate and long-term at the same time. Above all, it just feels good to have a tiny little bit of land that's finally "ours" (even though I am constantly dreaming of our farm we will someday have).

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