January 29, 2011

Can You See My New Colors?

Let me first start by saying that Photobucket is quite amazing these days. Indeed.

I decided that it was time for a new coat of paint on the old blog, do you like?

I started with this photo of a really cool spiderweb covered in dew that I took a few summers ago in West Virginia:

Then, I cropped it to be 990 pixels by 400 pixels, this seems to be the best fit for my header. Then I added some text to the photo:

I liked it, but they have these newer advanced editing toys, uh I mean tools, for color editing under the 'effects' tab. I had a lot of fun pushing all the different options just to see what I got, here are a few:

Blueprint Option
Bronze Option
Invert Option
It was really hard to choose! And the one I went with finally was what I got from using the Pop Art option:

Oh how fun photo editing is. Now I just need a better camera to play with too.

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