January 31, 2011

Progress and Frogging

I have the strips for the top of the quilt for my nephew that I started, the orange and gray one. I really like how it's turning out. Wanna see?

Tomorrow will be finishing the top, putting the stripe down the back of the extra blocks, and pinning. I'm going to use the gray/black dot for the binding, I think it will come out great!

On the other hand, I am frogging for the first time, err. It is somewhat stress relieving, you know the whole ripping something apart thing?

I made my son a hat, and "it's itchy on my ears". Just what every mother wants to hear, especially when they just finished a weeks worth of relax-time knitting said article. If I didn't use 2 strands of yarn it sure would be a lot easier.

I think I'm seeing a new vest in the near future... in light blue superwash wool. haha!


  1. Hi, Lyanna! I'm a new follwer from the MMB. Nice to meet you!

  2. How big did you make this finished quilt? Super cute :)

  3. I can't remember exactly, somewhere around 54x90 I think. I had a lot of fun doing it.


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