January 25, 2011

I'm a Member of Helping Hands

I officially joined my local quilt guild last night, Helping Hands Quilt Guild of Dover, DE. I had been to one other meeting, and even though I am by far the youngest member, I was very happy to join.

If you live in Delaware and are looking for a guild, here is a website with info from Delaware Quilt Guilds.

A few things I really liked about the meeting:
  • I found about the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Absolutely amazing!! I know I need to donate at least one quilt to that this year.
  • There were some quilt magazines that people were getting rid of, so I got 2 new-to-me ones!
  • The guild is participating in a Quilt Show in October, and they are collecting minis to sell and fund the guild. Now I have the urge to venture into minis... uh oh.
  • Oh yea, and I found out that being a guild member, I get discount cards to JoAnn's and other shops!! Jackpot!
I am very excited about joining my first guild, and look forward to all the fun adventures it will bring.

Happy Crafting!

*edited to change post title from 'I'm a Member' to current title.


  1. I wish you lived further up north and we could be in a guild together! I was going to join the one out in new castle county.... might wait until the spring tho because with this cold Im not willing to go ANYWHERE after work haha.

  2. It would be fun to be in a guild together! You know, we could always get together for the Primary quilt project and knock out some quilts, especially since we both have small Primaries. We could meet at a church building, set up, and sew.


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