January 21, 2011

Friday Find: Emilynn Handcrafted Jewelry

Technically, it's still Friday, even though it feels like it is way past my bedtime today. I had the middle stage of an oral implant done today, so I'm still super sleepy. Therefore, please excuse anything that doesn't make any sense (including spelling...) haha.

I was browsing Etsy, favorite past-time...

What did I stumble upon?? This beautifully colorful array of handmade jewelry, also know as Emilynn Handcrafted Jewelry.

I am not a big jewelry buying person. Maybe because I have this whole lack of funding thing, and well, jewelry I don't even think is ON the totem pole. Or, maybe it's because I love so much of it that I can't decide what to get. Either way, it's tough for me to buy jewelry.

Back to what I found:

I mean, holy cow this is GORGEOUS!!  I think this is my favorite piece from her shop, the piece is called The Secret Garden. The photo is courtesy of Emilynn Handcrafted Jewelry, very obviously NOT mine... nother story.

The *two women who run the company are a mother daughter team. Mum, Roseanne, and daughter, Emily,* live in NSW Australia. And, I think I desperately need to go to Australia now, if this woman gets any of her inspiration from her surroundings, I think I want the same surroundings.

Simply Lovely!

*edited to correct owners names*

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