January 15, 2011

Current WIPs

Lets just say that I do have a very extensive "works in progress" (WIP) list. So much so that if I were to photograph and blog about each project, it may just take me until summer. Seriously. It doesn't help that I only have naptime and bedtime to blog.

With that said, I would like to share a few quilts I am working on right now (actively, mind you).

First up, my first king sized quilt that I'm making needs to get quilted, hopefully that will get started by February. It does have a need-to-be finished by date, so I'm on the wire.

Next up is the second king I've ventured into making. My dear Mom is redo-ing her room again, and what else could possibly grace her bed besides a quilt that we will make together (my Mom's first). It has been very nice to work on it with her, I'm hoping we get in some more sewing days!

This is a rough layout with only 5 of the many prints.

My Mom and I decided to do a repeat snowball block, with her colors being pink and green.

Only about 170 squares.

The only drawback is that we are doing a 6in finished block. That translates to roughly 324 blocks. Yea. 324 6 1/2-inch blocks to cut, and 1296 2-in blocks for the corners. All the corners will be a white on white print, with the colored prints as the main fabric.

He wanted me to take a photo of him with the fabric, funny face :)

Quilt #3 on the sewing table this week is an ORANGE and GREY. Man, I love me some orange. I've wanted to do a zig-zag quilt for quilt a while now, and this will be my first. I'm excited.

I know, the spots don't match up... maybe they will after sewing it together.

It's funny though because I love just about all colors, but Blue and Orange are by far my favorite!

This quilt will be close to a twin size, and is going to my adorable nephew The V-man. He's a dirt-bike loving, 2-wheel riding little boy who's turning 3 at the end of this month. Yea, he's 2 and he rides a 2 wheeler, he's awesome.

And last, but not least, I'm doing a patchwork quilt with the leftover block parts of the custom Boy Oh Boy quilt I did a couple months ago. This one will be backed with minky (yum), and is going off to my shop. I really need to make some more inventory, maybe once I have some more time.

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